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BY J.R. HOGAN A number of differing shades of green battle for dominance, shafts of early morning sun filter through the gaps in sizable branches. A soft breeze caresses your skin; you can feel it capturing your straw-coloured locks in its gentle gusts. The cacophony of singing birds merges with the crunching of leaves underfoot in glorious harmony, the redolent scent of wildflowers i...
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BY ÉADAOIN KINSELLA O’NEILL Iwas only a year and a half old but away in a world of my own. Young, but already so independent. I loved being outside because out there, I could do anything. Helping my Dad in the garden was my favourite thing to do. Dad planted peas, spuds, carrots and onions. I always helped him because I was afraid that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t get any peas. And peas! Ahhh pea...
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BY FIONN DE FAOITE It started on another one of those dewy, misty, pale Saturday mornings.We had just finished our breakfast of brown soda bread and some local honey from Tinahely. We were all gathered around the dining table having thoughts about what to do that day in our favourite place—Loggan. I usually love going for a walk up the road with my dog, Sammy, especially in summer. It’s so ni...
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BY CAOIMHE MCGONIGLE The pink curtains were open. I was in my tiny cot and I was meant to be asleep... I was two years of age and my bedroom was up on the second floor. Of course, I didn’t sleep. I shook the bars of the cot but they wouldn’t budge. I was scared that my parents might hear me but I didn’t give up. I tried to climb over but fell back down onto my blanket and pillow. Well...
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BY ALEX SWEETMAN MCDONALD When we go to my Grandad’s house, way down in Taghmon, south County Wexford, sometimes we go out to the field and pick potatoes. Grandad’s house is in the country, in a very open place where there’s lots of space between the houses. At the time of this story, I was only six. Or nearly seven. But I remember that the field was big and wide. When we got up that morn...
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BY AVAE SWEENEY One time, I was visiting my Nanny’s house and asked her what was her favourite Christmas present, as we were doing a worksheet in school about one of your grandparents’ favourite Christmas presents. So I chose my Nanny. My Nanny said ‘Well Avae, we never had anything like you did at Christmas time. All we did was bring in an evergreen tree from the woods beside our house a...
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BY CARMEL KINSELLA At about eleven or twelve years of age, I was taught the technique of how to skin a rabbit. It was a regular chore for a child that time, if you had a supply of them. In my early married life, here in Toberpatrick when I would be lucky enough to get a present of a dead one, I would put several layers of newspaper down onto our kitchen table and lay the rabbit out on ...
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