How to Skin a Rabbit How to Skin a Rabbit Author Biographies


Carmel Kinsella lives in Toberpatrick. She came to the area when she married Laurence Kinsella in April 1967. Carmel enjoys baking and worked in Institutional Catering in public schools. This is her first time giving Creative Writing a go.

Avae Sweeney lives in North Wexford. She was born in October 2007. As well as telling stories, Avae loves to go on adventures and to swim.

Alex Sweetman McDonald was born in Wexford Hospital in 2009. He lives in Ballythomas and enjoys hurling, rugby, soccer and video games. This was his first time trying out a Creative Writing course and he found it really fun.

Caoimhe McGonigle lives in North Wexford. She enjoys hurling, swimming, football, gymnastics, music, soccer and playing. But her favourite is creative writing. Caoimhe loves exploring and adventures.

Fionn de Faoite plays soccer for Coolboy Rangers and Gaelic Football for Shillelagh-Coolboy G.A.A. Club. He goes to school at Gorey Educate Together. Fionn loves the Gap Arts Festival because it’s fun and there are plenty of activities.

Éadaoin Kinsella O’Neill lives in Toberpatrick. She enjoys doing gymnastics, rugby and G.A.A., but most of all she loves gardening with her Dad and running the fields with her dogs. She tried Creative Writing to help her tell her own stories and to do something different with her ‘Gran’ Carmel Kinsella.

J.R. Hogan lives in Craanford and has done for most of her twenty- two years. She writes because, when growing up, books were a gateway to so many different worlds and places. She hopes that one day her writing may be that same gateway for others.

Brigid Kinsella grew up in rural Ireland in the 60s. Having no TV or telephone, her family interacted daily with neighbouring families. Many tales were recalled in their homes. Now a retired nurse, this year Brigid joined a Creative Writing class.

Rua de Faoite is nearly fourteen. He loves sport, art and gaming. He enjoys writing because it clears your head and is probably kicking a ball in his back garden as you read this.

Brenda Barry is originally from Dublin. She now lives in South County Wicklow. Her grandchildren enjoy hearing her stories of life in County Down and County Dublin, during the 1940’s.

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