Irish National Opera’s new film The Lighthouse


The Gap Arts Festival is delighted to announce that, fresh from its screening at Hook Head, Irish National Opera’s new film The Lighthouse will be shown at the Gap’s Outdoor Cinema at Ballythomas on Saturday night August 7th

It is based on an actual event in December 1900 when a Scottish lighthouse went dark and the keepers vanished. Investigations suggested a supernatural link. Reflecting this, the composer Peter Maxwell Davies used the Tarot Card, the Tower, in structuring the opera.

A limited audience, in pods in the Community Field, Ballythomas, will enjoy the film on the Gap’s screen and sound system. Details on booking will follow soon.

‘The Lighthouse is not suitable for children,’ Festival Director Garrett Keogh said, ‘but we are continuing the tradition of a late-night family-friendly movie on the night before, Friday August 6th.’

Meanwhile, things are busy at the Gap. ‘We start recording the new audio series this week,’ Keogh said.
Called Are You Ready, after the first words transmitted by radio telegraph, it will be recorded in studio, as well as on location at well-known historical and beauty spots – the new Wexford walking trail at Annagh Hill, Kilninor Graveyard, and the like. It will use the latest 3D sound, and should be listened to on headphones or earbuds for the full binaural effect.
‘Remembering Marconi, who invented radio, (without whom we wouldn’t have mobile phones, or Bluetooth), and remembering that he spent his childhood summers at his mother’s homeplace, west of Enniscorthy, the series is a mix of local history, true crime, altered reality, and a touch of Shakespeare…’

The full Gap Arts Festival programme will be announced soon. The deadline for entries for the Short-Short Showcase, an open call for submissions of new writing for theatre, has been extended to July 23rd. See for further information.

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