Events 2023

Talks@TheGap and Caifé na Maidine/Morning Coffee 

Saturday August 12th @ 11am – Gap Pub Barn – ADMISSION: €5 

The Goldrush on Croghan – Peter O’Connor

Local historian Peter O’Connor and the incredible story of the discovery of gold in which led to a local Klondike. In 1795 ‘placer deposits’ gave rise to a gold rush. Over 2,500 ounces were recovered.  
Some people still pan there, and efforts to find the ‘mother lode’ within the mountain continue.
Beidh Peadar ag caint i nGaeilge agus i mBéarla.

Ancestors Did Tell Lies! Connect With The Census – Bernie Walsh

Bernie Walsh, Professional Genealogist, walks you through the 1901 and 1911 Censuses of Ireland. 
Learn how to search and browse, interpret the forms and discover the extra questions asked for 1911 which can be helpful in identifying dates.  

The Rulers of The Gap – Michael Dwyer

Gorey historian, Michael Dwyer explores the fascinating history folklore of the secret mound in Loggan, near The Gap Pub, associated with the inaugurations of the chieftains of the Uí Chinnsealaigh clan. 
Croghan’s full name is Cruachán Uí Chinnseallaigh, ‘the little stack of the Kinsellas’, and the powerful clan once ruled the province of Leinster.

If Walls Could Talk – Tom Cullen

Having lived in the Gap area all his life Tom has built up a treasure trove of information about the history of the area and its people, including the story of the amazing drystone wall that runs all the way up and over Annagh. 
Who built it? When and why? And how on earth did they manage to build such a fine wall on such difficult terrain?

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